Building our client’s aspirations, imaginations, dreams, and visions into reality through understanding, advising and offering professional expertise in design, construction, fabrications , supply and managerial services with the aid of state of art tools and technology
Shiminky design Limited is an independent professional practice specializing in planning, designing and management of architectural, interior, electrical,mechanical, civil engineering projects, Building and construction, web design, supply of construction material and fabrication services. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya and we have an experienced team that handles a wide range of projects for both private and commercial Clients in Kenya and the East African region.
We believe in going to an extra mile in:
  • Ensuring that our design team understands and meet the client’s expectations, adhere to schedules and budgets.
  • Producing accurate and practical drawings that cover conceptual design for projects to minimize change orders in the field.
  • Ensuring excellence in service delivery, quality and appropriateness of design and surplus to ethical and professional standards.
  • Providing efficient advice and management of projects to the client’s resource objectives.
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To push the boundaries of conventional design in Kenya to a new level, bringing out different perspectives into the design and construction industry through coming up with skillful, professional and innovative designs and building them into fiscal reality.